About PainPod

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What is the PainPod?

The PainPod is your Drug-Free Pain Relief. Backed by science. See below more information about PainPod. View PainPod safety page by clicking here

It sits neatly in your hand, is easy to use and relieves pain, eases aches and aids recovery for thousands of people across the world. The PainPod blends biotechnology and physical therapy into a tiny device designed for one purpose: to help make everyday life a little easier — whether you’re struggling with a bad back or recovering from surgery.

What can PainPod be used for?

If you are using the PainPod for everyday relief or chronic pain please click here 

If you are using PainPod for cramping pain or musculoskeletal pain please click here

If you are using PainPod for Strengthening or post surgery please click here

With over 400 happy PainPod customers you be rest assured that you are buying a great product to provide you relief where you need it most. You can view some of their testimonials by clicking here

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Where can I buy a PainPod from?

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Please note that you should always consult your GP before using the PainPod. If any of the following reasons are valid for you please consult with your GP before using the PainPod.

Your suitability for treatment with a PainPod advanced physical therapy medical device may be influenced by the following factors:

  • you have a pacemaker or any kind of electronic implanted device
  • you have a cochlear implant hearing device
  • you have a severe heart disorder
  • you already have DVT

If you are prone to seizures, suffer from epilepsy, are pregnant, have cancer or are recovering from cancer, consult with your health professional before use.

You can view more on safety by clicking here.