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900ml capacity
Size: Medium M0

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Unisex Pull-ups
Medium M0
Packet Size: 14
Capacity: 900mls
Hip Size: 80 -110cm

Incontinence Products | Radius Shop | NZ

Abri-Flex Premium pull-up pants are part of our extensive range of pull-up style incontinence, aimed at assisting with light incontinence. They are developed with the user’s comfort and confidence at the forefront. With a focus on fit and security, they are designed to be worn like normal underwear – enhancing a feeling of dignity, and providing the freedom to enjoy day-to-day activities, without the worry that incontinence can bring.

Abri-Flex Premium 900ml capacity has a focus on staying in place, with better elastics than equivalent products. The exterior is super soft and 100% air-breathable – as well as being comfortable, this protects the integrity of the skin.

The discreet wetness indicator shows when it is ready for changing and is very useful for those who have a carer.

Incontinence Products | Radius Shop | NZ

 Abri- Flex Premium Unisex Pull-ups 900ml capacity is available in different sizes and specifications: 

Medium M0
Packet Size: 14
Capacity: 900ml
Hip Size: 80 -110cm

Large L0 
Packet Size: 14
Capacity: 900ml
Hip Size: 100 -140cm

Incontinence Products | Radius Shop | NZ


Abri-Man Features | Pad for men  | Incontinence | Radius Shop | NZ

  • Abri-Flex stays in place better with more elastics than equivalent products
  • Super soft and breathable textile-like exterior to enhance comfort and skin integrity
  • Discreet wetness indicator
  • Awarded the Swan Ecolabel

 Incontinence Products | Radius Shop | NZ

The Abri-Flex Premium Unisex Pull-ups range is available in other sizes and capacities:

Size: Small S1 | 1400ml capacity

Size: Medium M1 | 1400ml capacity

Size: Large L1 | 1400ml capacity

Size: XLarge XL1 | 1400ml capacity

Size: Medium M3 | 2400ml capacity

Size: Large L3 | 2400ml capacity


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PREMIUM PULL-UPS | Abri Flex | Unassisted application Procedure:

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