How BDÉT Products Can Save You Money on Wet Wipes

Traditional wet wipes can be expensive and according to Envirotech harmful to the environment if not disposed of correctly.

BDÉT is an eco-friendly brand from New Zealand innovating in the personal hygiene industry. Their products are made from 98.9% natural ingredients making them gentle on your skin and less harmful on the environment.

100mls of BDÉT is equivalent to 5 packets of wet wipes (200) such a small bottle can replace wipes and not only costs less but will help the environment in the long run!

Find out more about how the BDÉT range can help you save more money on wet wipes and help the environment below.

BDÉT Products


    30ml BDET Foam

BDÉT 30ml

  • Equivalent to around 2.5 pkts of wet wipes (95)
  • Lasts 4-6 weeks

Learn more about the BDÉT 30ml here

BDET 100ml

BDÉT 100ml

  • Equivalent to 5 packets of wet wipes (200)
  • Lasts 3 months

Learn more about the BDÉT 100ml here

125ml BDET Refill Bottle

BDÉT Refill 125ml

  • Equivalent to around 7.5 pkts of wet wipes (295). 

Learn more about the BDÉT 125ml here

 BDET Bottle Holder

BDÉT Bungee | Bottle holder

  • Easy storage for 30ml BDÉT bottles and 100ml BDÉT bottles

Learn more about the BDÉTBungee here



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By using BDÉT Products we can help the environment by reducing our waste and also save on traditional wet wipes.

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