Five of the best Christmas gift ideas for elderly friends and loved ones!

Finding a gift that will be useful is often challenging. Why not give your loved one a gift they will find good use of? 

Suppose you are looking for a Christmas gift or a last-minute gift! We have you covered here at Radius Shop. See below our list of the five best Christmas gift ideas for elderly friends and loved ones!

Zimmer Frame

1. MOBILIS Plus Walking Frame

For loved ones that need a little support to maintain thier balance.

Perfect for in and around the house this walking frame allows for them to be more independent and have more freedom of movement.

Key benefits

  • Great for adding balance when walking
  • Users can rest in a seated position or standing
  • Increased freedom of movement

 Walking stick

2. Lifestyle T Handle Metallic Walking Stick

For loved ones who need a little support with their posture.

Great for taking out and about or even for use around the home! This walking stick is perfect for assisting with posture and assisting with balance.

Key benefits 

  • Improves posture 
  • Increases stability while walking 

 Lift Chair

3. MONARCH Power Lift Recliner Chair

For loved ones having trouble getting in and out of chairs.

Perfect for entering and exiting, it's easy to use remote control allows users to select a height that is most comfortable for them. Ideal for in the living room, just about everyone in the house will want to use it!

Key benefits 

  • Reduces strain when entering or exiting 
  • Promotes circulation
  • Helps post-surgery patients 
  • Posture support
  • Reduces carer injuries 

 Walking poles

4. Activator Walking Poles

For loved ones who love to go for walks.

These walking poles help the user maintain their balance while walking and are great for those aspiring walkers who want to get into it as a form of exercise or someone wanting assistance with rehabilitation. 

Key benefits

  • Perfect for rehabilitation from injury or surgery
  • Assists with balancing while walking
  • Assists in improving fitness and weight loss
  • Adjustable for different heights 


     Arthritis GLoves

    5. IMAK Arthritis Gloves

    For loved ones that get sore joints.

    The IMAK Arthritis gloves are one of the Radius Shops most popular items. They provide relief and support to the user's joints and they are the only gloves on the market with the Arthritis Foundations ease of use commendation for its design.

    Key benefits 

    • Assists with mild compression for warmth to help control or decrease swelling of the joints
    • Comfortable to wear all day and night
    • Circulation helps relieve aches and pain
    • Easy to clean

    Christmas is a time of year to celebrate with your friends & families; what a year it's been in 2021, so let us make this one super special! 

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