Essential items to help you live more independently this Summer!


The essential products to help seniors experience summer fun


Everyone is keen on making the most of the summer sun and longer days, and so are your loved ones. Many seniors need help and encouragement to get outside to be rejuvenated by the warmth and bloom of summer, and it’s not too late to make this a little easier for them to achieve. Below, we have rounded up the best items for helping your elderly mum or dad get out and about to unplug, unwind, and get moving during this fabulous summer season.


Activator Walking Poles

Taking a stroll around a local park and enjoying the surrounding nature is a must-do summer activity. When seniors get tired and need to rest, these state-of-the-art walking poles come in handy. Their ergonomic design benefits health and fitness in multiple ways, from enhancing walking and improving gait, to assisting with balance and strengthening legs and arms. The soft handles provide maximum comfort, while the quiet, durable aluminium poles have a premium locking system. Rest assured that with these walking poles, your loved ones can enjoy their time out and about with improved walking safety.


Essentials Moulded Ring Cushion

Picnicking outdoors, attending a local sport event, or simply a weekend ride around town are all perfect activities to help seniors enjoy the fresh summer air. Everyone loves getting involved with the various happenings in the community but sitting for long periods takes its toll on backs and tailbones. This Moulded Ring Cushion helps relieve pain and provides an extra layer of comfort. This is especially helpful for those who have just undergone surgery, or who have existing issues.


Essentials Helping Hand Easy Reach

It is common for elderly people to suffer from pain when reaching for objects on the floor or above their head. As the body ages, the discs in their spine start to break down. That means reaching and bending the wrong way can lead to extreme back pain and even injury. The Helping Hand Easy Reach pickup stick is a handy tool to help with this. Lightweight and durable, it has a magnetic tip for securely holding onto items and picking up objects with a smooth, firm grasp. This makes it an excellent helper for the elderly, or anyone struggling with mobility. Time to bid adieu to back strain and ache, and finally enjoy the summer in comfort.


Essentials Low Back Rehab Chair

For seniors with mobility issues, relaxing in the lounge with a page-turner and soaking up some sunlight is a great way to enjoy these warmer months. This sturdy Low Back Rehab Chair is a great addition to any lounge and has something for everyone. It is useful for people who struggle with posture or who have had surgery and need a comfortable place to sit and rehabilitate. The strong steel frame provides safety and durability, while the grey vinyl-padded seat and adjustable seat height provide a high level of comfort, perfect for relaxing in with a book or taking the odd nap!


Carbon Overland Rollator byACRE

Ever thought of taking your elderly loved ones to a sandy beach or on a local hike for some stunning views and fresh air? Exploration trips are now within reach with this mixed-terrain Carbon Overland Rollator. Designed with the vision of giving your loved ones the freedom to go out and about to all sorts of places, the Carbon Overland rollator can conquer even the toughest terrains. The rigid front forks and sealed bearings make it both beach and snow-friendly (and looks just as cool as the latest SUV!). Despite its sturdy construction, it is surprisingly lightweight and agile thanks to a carbon fiber frame and aluminium materials. Take it with you this summer to ensure an uninhibited and action-packed day trip.


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