Five Useful Gifts for your Grandparents

Grandparents Day is coming!

New Zealand Grandparents Day is this Sunday, 3rd of October, and this year’s slogan is ‘Do something grand New Zealand!” So why don’t you show some care for your grandparents this Grandparents Day with these practical gifts from the Radius Shop that no doubt shows your grand love.

You can gift your grandparents a healthier lifestyle, improve their mobility, and top it off with them getting a feeling of overall wellbeing. Good sleeping habits, day-to-day planning, and regular activity without pain alongside the luxury of relaxation will ensure they have a more vibrant and happy life.  Sometimes it can be a little harder to achieve than people say it is. A little bit of extra help can make a huge difference to your grandparents’ overall body functioning and general lifestyle. Nowadays it’s so easy to get them the little bit of help needed to make their life easier and more enjoyable.

For the grandparents who loves watching TV

If you would love your grandparents to recline in luxury with health benefits, you can give them a recliner to support their joints and muscles while sitting. It provides health benefits through good rest and relieves pressure to the other parts of their bodies! A recliner will refresh body and mind to gain energy without discomfort.

  • Cocoon Lift Recliner – Keep your grandparents sitting in the lap of luxury with this deluxe recliner chair. As one of our best-selling items, this recliner soothes sore muscles AND provides the ultimate relaxation on Grandparents Day—and every day.

For the grandparents that forgets the time

Did you know that having a routine benefits mental and physical health? This is especially important to people’s wellbeing as they get older. A clock will prompt your grandparents to remember when to get up and eat regularly - creating happiness through a routine. An easy-to-use calendar will prompt them to remember to attend events, when they get to see you, and remind them of all the activities they can look forward to. This lets them relax easily into their day-to-day schedule without worrying about missing anything.

  • Digital Calendar Clock – No bedside table is complete without a clock! Help your grandparents stay on track with their activities schedule with this two-in-one calendar and digital clock - stylist and practical!

For the grandparents that needs a good night’s sleep

Did you know that everyone enjoys life more when they get a good night’s sleep? Help your grandparents feel better and more vibrant, making their life a little bit more fun for them and everyone around them. A good night’s sleep is not something we can always achieve. Your grandparents can improve their sleep easily by using a memory foam pillow. This pillow provides extraordinary comfort and ease that will give them a good night's sleep.

  • PIllow Snug Vee – We all know that a good night’s sleep is a gift in itself - perhaps the best kind! So why not give your favorite relative a pillow snug vee, as a good sleep is always the most welcome addition to any routine. 

For the grandparents that wants to roll in style

It is important for your grandparents to feel they can get about as independently as they always have. This usually means being able to carry things, move safely and securely without worry. If they have any stability issues - giving them peace of mind when walking around is vital to their self-confidence as well as always having all their necessities close at hand. A rollator combines all these benefits to ensure they will get around the way they always have, safely and confidently.

  • Freiheit Freedom Stroller New Generation – If your grandparents are ‘the walk the talk’ kind of people, then this strong, supportive walker should be at the top your gift list. Its practical design will allow them to carry shopping gear and you’ll know they’ll be safe while on the go!

For the grandparents that has a sore back

Did you know that poor posture and muscle strain can give your grandparents ongoing pain even when sitting down? This can sap their energy and make it harder for them to get around comfortably. Yet sometimes they may find it hard to get into a comfortable position or even a comfortable chair. A special back support pillow can make a big difference to your grandparents' overall health and general wellbeing.

  • Back Support – Back pain can be, well, a pain and nobody wants that! Instead, just use the practical cushion solution, it can be clipped to any chair anywhere! Your grandparents’ muscle strain and stiffness will lower tremendously no matter where they sit!


Grandparents Day is a great day to show your grandparents you really care about their wellbeing and independence. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness and loving gifts that keep them feeling strong and respected by their family. Any of these gifts will show your grandparents how important they are to you, as you ensure their day-to-day life is comfortable, safe, and happy. Help make Grandparents Day a celebratory time, and an opportunity to show your grandparents how much you really care about them.


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